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About COVID-19 Shots: Who Can Get the Vaccines Now

About COVID-19 Shots: Who Can Get the Vaccines Now

Just like many other viruses in the past, COVID-19 is here to stay. But now that vaccinations are already out for administration, we are getting closer to developing herd immunity against it.

Speaking of vaccinations, who can get immunized?

The federal government allocates a certain number of vaccines to each state. Since they acquire doses from manufacturers from time to time, the number is subject to change. But as of the moment, only the following are in the line up:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Long-term care residents receiving Personal Care Services
  • Individuals 65 and older
  • People under the Agriculture and food, Education and childcare, and Emergency services sectors

Healthcare providers can give shots to high-risk individuals from 16 to 64 based on professional clinical direction starting March 15. This roster includes patients and seniors under Home Care in Palmdale, California.

It is about time for people to take back their way of life. Know if you are eligible for the vaccine and get a schedule from your local provider. People under Home Care in Palmdale, California, may ask their caregivers to set an appointment.

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