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Healthy Resolutions for Seniors in a New Year

 Healthy Resolutions for Seniors in a New Year

Last year was a challenging year. For most of us, it was characterized by isolation, fear, loss, and uncertainty. However, despite those challenges, 2020 has taught us only one thing – gratitude! To give thanks and value the things and people we would generally take for granted including our health. What then is a better way to express our thanksgiving in the new year?

Thus, Pure Devotion Home Care, your partner in Home Care in Palmdale, California, brings you four healthy resolutions you can make or improve on for 2021.

  • Be conscious about your overall health.
    If you are or taking care of an older adult, being pro-active about your overall well-being can help you have a happy and healthy year. Make your health a priority by regularly visiting your doctor or simply taking his/her health advice.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes, daily.
    Whether you are in your 30’s or 60’s, dedicating at least 10 minutes of your day to exercise can go a long way to your wellbeing. The Harvard Health Publications recommends committing 10 minutes of your day to exercise, with a gradual increase as it becomes a habit.
  • Challenge your brain regularly.
    This year make it a goal to play games that will force your mind to work in overdrive whether alone, with grandkids, or with personnel of an In-Home Care Services in California. Regularly challenging your brain keeps your cognitive skills sharp and reduces your chance of experiencing memory loss.
  • Grow your relationships.
    This year make it a goal to grow your relationships with your children, grandkids, friends, or probably those living right down the street. You can keep in touch through technology or schedule a get-together soon.

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