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How Is Gardening Beneficial for Aging Adults?

How Is Gardening Beneficial for Aging Adults?
Planting flowers or vegetables right in our backyard can reap beautiful bouquets or produce a delicious harvest for your dining table. But did you know gardening can also do wonders for your health and overall well-being especially for aging adults? Numerous studies show that gardening can dramatically boost health and is recommended by doctors, psychologists, and researchers around the globe.

Here are four surprising health benefits of gardening for seniors brought to you by Pure Devotion Home Care, your partner in Home Care in Palmdale, California.

  • Better Physical Health.
    Gardening is a healthy hobby for aging adults because it can address mobility issues, strengthen muscles and bones while also positively affecting our cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also stimulates their appetite and leads to better food intake.
  • Improves Mental Health.
    Mental health professionals recommend gardening or known as “horticultural therapy” because it helps lift the spirit. It encourages mindfulness for seniors because it engages all the senses – sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.
  • Boosts the immune systems.
    In-Home Care Services in California recommends spending time outdoors for seniors as this can boost their body’s production of vitamin D and calcium absorption. Both elements contribute to a stronger and healthier immune system.
  • Gives opportunities for socialization.
    Gardening is an activity aging adults can enjoy with other people, including their grandchildren or family caregivers. This provides social interaction that can enhance their mood and prevents boredom. Socialization is a good way to stave off health issues such as heart disease, depression, obesity, and memory loss.

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