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How Virtual Reality Can Help Seniors Stay Connected Amidst a Pandemic

How Virtual Reality Can Help Seniors Stay Connected Amidst a Pandemic

With the search for a COVID-19 cure still ongoing, many people are turning to technology to find ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones in faraway places. One beneficial medium that people have been using lately is virtual reality.

For years, people have been using this technology for fun and entertainment. But recently, researchers have found that it can be quite beneficial to older adults as it can help them connect to the rest of the world, reduce loneliness and feelings of isolation, and combat depression.

Here are some of the ways seniors are using virtual reality nowadays.

  • Traveling
    Many people with plans to travel this 2020 have been forced to cancel and stay home due to COVID-19. However, they can still see the world through virtual reality companies like MyndVR, which streams hundreds of virtual travel experiences.
  • Socializing
    Aside from having a companion who provides you with Home Care in Palmdale, California, another way seniors are staying socially active is through virtual reality. Programs like Alcove can help seniors connect not just to experiences but to their friends and loved ones as well.

In a time when social interaction is close to being illegal, it’s important to make sure that our loved ones are well and okay.

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