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Smartphones Are Great but Wary

Smartphones Are Great but Wary

Many people are still stuck at home and unable to go out due to COVID-19. Thus, it’s no wonder that the demand for things like smartphones and computers has grown.

Lots of people are unable to attend events and appointments that they scheduled beforehand. Seniors can’t visit their doctors to get help addressing different health issues/problems. Many have resorted to virtual meetings and consultations.

Along with this increasing demand for technology, however, is the growing number of online scammers victimizing users, especially seniors, worldwide.

The Orlando Sentinel points out that seniors lose out on about $3 billion to scammers every year. The American Journal of Public Health estimates that about 5 % of the elderly population (which equates to around two to three million people) suffer from some sort of scam every year.

Thus, as a concerned provider of In-Home Care Services in California, we at Pure Devotion Home Care would like to advise clients and patients to be wary with the things they interact with online.

Seniors, if you are unsure of what you’re reading, ask a trusted loved one or your Personal Care Services provider for assistance on how to solve your issue.

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