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Why Are Seniors More at Risk to Coronavirus?

Why Are Seniors More at Risk to Coronavirus?

We always hear that older people are more susceptible to coronavirus. But why is this so? There are physical and social reasons. The elderly don’t have as strong an immune system, which makes them more vulnerable to infectious diseases. They are also more likely to have underlying conditions like heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, or diabetes, which all weaken the body’s ability to ward off infections. Seniors are also usually institutionalized in a nursing or retirement home, a situation where crowding is a relevant and greater risk of acquiring infections is apparent.

This is one of the many reasons why you should choose the best nursing home or home care provider there is. Just like our in-home care services in California, you can assure that our professionals practice the required home service protocols to avoid and prevent infections. Still, we can’t deny that the mortality rate of CoViD-19 is higher for older people. This is because the elderly are more likely to get acute respiratory distress syndrome, the acute lung injury that causes many of the CoViD-19-related deaths. Hence, there is a direct correlation between mortality and age.

For the time being, having medical check-ups at home is recommended for seniors. If your senior loved one is considering the commitment to a nursing home, opt for hiring a professional that offers personal care services for now.

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